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Selling Your Home In Winter

 The good, the better, & best of selling your home this winter!  

 If you’ve ever heard, read or watched anything about the real estate market, you know what the “Spring Season” is and why it became the most popular time of   the year to put your home on the market. Realtors® love the spring because as the   ground thaws and the season changes, there’s an increased interest in buying and   selling. This results in an influx of listings and lots of competition. Good Realtors®  know any season is a great time to sell in Toronto and winter is no exception. Selling in December through February doesn’t require any more effort than selling at any other time of the year. The difference is, a dedicated Realtor® who knows  that following these steps ensures success.

1. Marketing on-line is King
The internet is the first stop for anyone who is thinking about buying or selling real estate in Toronto.
People will start their research from the comfort of their own home and only contact a professional once
they have found something they like or are ready to start moving forward with their home search. t’s
imperative that your Realtor® ensures they’re utilizing all the tools to get your home it’s maximum
exposure. Buyers purchase a home when they need one and the time of year isn’t a deterrent. Many
start their home search at the beginning of a new year, so why not put your home in front of them
before the springtime competition kicks in?

2. Serious buyers = Less Wasted Time
Anyone who would consider seeing homes with snow boots, heavy coats and gloves is serious about a purchase. In most cases buyers either need a new home right away or want to avoid a bidding war. There are some buyers who prefer negotiating without the competition. This means they are prepared to give you a solid offer on your home. 

3. Lower competition is guaranteed
There normally isn’t a large increase in active MLS® listings during the winter season. This means there are less homes on the market equalling less competition, definitely in a sellers best interest. It means when people are searching for new homes in your neighbourhood they sure to see your listing.
Pricing your property correctly ensures it will attract the right prospects. Also, less competition will give a seller more time to review offers that should result in choosing the best one. 

4. Doing the right things to ensure success
There are lots of articles online that explain the best ways to showcase your house in the winter. These include items such as clean windows, a lit fireplace (or candles), clear front path, salted drive, leaving a mat at the front door for boots just to name a few. Buyers that come to view your property will be able to see how well the home is maintained and heated, as well as how good the windows and insulation are. The reality is the buyer of your home will be living there all year long. Having them see it during the harsh winter months will give them some piece of mind its in great shape when putting in an offer.
Ultimately, it’s up to you when you are comfortable to sell your home. There is no reason why you can’t consider winter. With the proper  staging, atmosphere, marketing and attention to detail you may just find you sell your home quickly and with less stress than those who waited for the spring. 

“…there are always people looking to buy,
and seasonality is only one of many factors
to consider.”
- www.realtor.ca

Here’s 3 quick tips to sell your home for more money in the winter.
1. First impressions matter. Focus on maintaining the yard & front entrance for maximum effect on buyers.
2. Heat things up. Remember to turn up the heat a few hours prior to showings. Make them feel warm & toasty.
3. Put out a welcome mat. Literally. You don’t want messy floors. I’ll provide signs that read “no shoes please”.

Have questions about selling your home? I am always available via email at therealjmcg@gmail.com &
via phone at 416.873.5093. To discuss your options contact me today.

Stay warm!




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